Monday, September 29, 2014


I'm happy to steal a smile each day
From a friend, foe or stranger whoever is willing to share
And to those smiles I would like to tell
Without em those days would be hard as hell
I pray I shared my smile in return
And hope that it gave your day that same pleasant turn

Saturday, September 27, 2014

eerie serendipity

So google+ throws this in my face today... Serendipitous indeed...

I cant make you love me

Someone like you

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

past, present, future

There are no time machines to correct the past... but remember, you have the present to help fix the future

sense of humor

Sometimes the big guy shows he too has an awesome sense of humor...
I could bet he would be laughing and saying "ullu banaya... bada maza aaya" right now :)

Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes life doesn't just stare you in the face, it rolls down the window, spits on you and continues on while having a bloody good laugh about the entire thing.

Monday, September 15, 2014

For nothing

I want to
...see you make your faces ...see you be you
...walk past some stray dogs to make you shriek some crabs just to get you messy
...listen to your stories just to watch you light up you laugh coz I did something silly a cpl hrs to be with for a cpl more
...light you a cigar just coz thats what you want
...pack your bag and feed your fishes so that you would travel with me
...fight with you just to have you win and remind me all day that you did
...stroll on the beach in the dark just to be with you
...walk with you hand in hand and stare into your eyes both at once
...hold your hand just never let it go again
And I want to know how I would forget you coz you don't want any of this at all

Monday, September 01, 2014

Singapore abridged

Trip Positivies
1. Ate all my meals at local hawkers markets barring the first and last at the airport. Singapore hawkers rule!
2. Had sufficient variety of pork to realize that I love thee oh lil piglets.
3. Lunch and dinner always done with Tiger beer.
4. Outside of pork I managed to reduced populations of crab, squid and frog by one each.
5. First capsule hotel experience. Gotta be lucky to get d bottom pod and silent roomies ��
6. Outdid the MRT tourist pass by travelling till my legs were numb.
7. Walked through the botanical gardens from the MRT station to Tanglin gate and back. Luckily the rains that day saved me from the humidity.
8. Actually picked up my socks and headed out on both nights for the Chinatown festival, Singapore Night fest and Heineken Cities fest.
9. Understood Selfies! Finally made use of the front camera. And yeah locals here use extendable poles to click selfies... ��

Trip Negatives
1. Could not try out the weird food options.
2. Missed trying out ifly at Sentosa
3. Didn't try out the ultimate cars
4. Budget. Some planning could've saved 10-20%

Singapore Positives
1. Didn't see a single cop outside of those at the airport
2. Cutest kids on the planet. Period.
3. Happiest urban kids. Seen kiddos in many cities but never found them to be as cheerful n playful in public as those here. For eg. In India I would say that I've seen such genuinely happy kids in our villages.
4. Great civic sense. Everyone stands on the left of the escalator so that the right part is available to those in a hurry. ��
5. Escalator speed. These are escalators on steroids compared to the ones back home. Goes to show how quick things seem to flow here.

Singapore Negatives
1. Everyone is heads down on their phone. Now that I think of it barely heard anyone on an actual call though.
2. Damn expensive for tourists esp the stay
3. Sentosa... Was just blah!
4. To walk on the left or right. People only walked randomly. I would assume this should have been sorted by now. The govt better address this with top priority ;)
5. People actually eat at McDonalds in front of hawkers market. Given the awesome street food with sufficient large doze of "this stuff will kill you" the only thing unique about McDs is the bun.

How and why?
I was motivated to salvage my second long weekend in August. So with a bit of time to go I targeted Singapore. The gods were kind and I boarded the flight from hyd to Chennai and then to Singapore. During the layovers I soon realized I am gonna be screwed coz the hotels were charging too much. What's worse is their checkin time is 2-3pm while I land at 4am. Additional day charges were gonna screw me further.

Before buckling up for Changai I had narrowed down to Adler hostel. On landing it showed to be sold out. So after a massive hunt I landed at Chic otel by around 8am. Luckily got a bottom pod which handled 6ft beasts. Saved.

All said and done this was a long overdue backpacking trip outside my comfort zone. Time to "do" some more.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Humanity at 16kft in Mitra Cafe

"One man from each of the groups or I am sending the group down"
These are the words I heard from Jayo of Mitra cafe, high up at 16.5kft of the Stok Kangri base camp, while I sipped on a hot cup of black tea.

A bit confused I soon realized that this was an ad hoc rescue mission being put together. And getting a man from each of the groups was the only way a sizeable team could be formed. As he hurriedly packed in some boiled eggs and potatoes the story started unfolding - There was a foreigner who had fallen off and had broken his ribs and shoulder bone high up in the Stok ridge. As more people trickled down the mountain the stories got grimmer and the atmosphere a lot more sombre. The line between hearsay and reality had evaporated. 

An hour later, nearly 2-3+ hrs after the incident, there were 3 IAF choppers sent in for rescue but they found it difficult to land anywhere close to the injured lad. It was only after another hour that they were able to load him and carry him back to base.

As I sit back and recollect this incident I cant help but thank people like Jayo for their selflessness. He and locals like him are the Indian version of emergency mountain rescue paramedics. They run out at a moment's notice to help complete strangers, many a times risking their own lives. And they don't do this for any monetary gain but with genuine concern to help a fellow human being. We have seen them carry sick people on stretchers on trails where I could hardly imagine one person walking through. Sometimes walking through the night with headlamps. And then they come back with smiling faces to continue at their work.

So if you have lost your faith in humanity do visit Jayo at his infamous Mitra Cafe at the Stok Kangri base camp. And whether you require his services or not do thank him and his clan for...  just being around!


Few quick points from reliable sources
1. We got an update the next day that the person who fell was and Indian and was OK and luckily had not a single bone broken.
2. The IAF choppers, or any choppers, sent in for rescue are a rarity. 
3. Acc to locals such accidents are rarer than the choppers :) However there are more AMS related incidents, with a small % leading to death due to negligence by the subject themselves.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Yes We Can!

I remembered this slogan from the American presidential elections where Obama rose to victory from near obscurity. A simple African American who gave America a much needed glimmer of hope, after the Bush administration.

As the election fervour in our very own country rises it seems like it is our very own chance of creating our own piece of Indian history. So what are our options? Let's see.

As a minority in this country the Congress has been the only choice at the voting booth. Its not about the Gandhis or the Manmohans and its not that they have done anything beneficial for the minorities of this country either. Its just that they haven't done anything detrimental. That itself is a positive for us single digit/percent communities. Yes the great secular party. Alas the last ten years have been a string of opportunities lost and scandals galore. Of purely lazy and coalition-placating policies that have pushed India back a few decades if not more. That combined with the smugness of the Gandhis and Vadras just seems like a sin to vote them back.

But with the phenomena that was Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) there was a reasonable alternative. Heck a viable alternative to vote for a clean individual. Note I say individual and not politician - this fact itself drove hundreds and thousands of new voters towards the coughing Arvind Kejriwal. Alas naivete and unplaced bravado got the better of him. While he infiltrated the system he lacked the foresight to realize that he needed to remain in it to actually make a change. That one law minister if fired that very same day, regardless of fact, would have most definitely catapulted him to a level beyond imagination. Unfortunately today AAP is just a footnote not deserving a national vote.

So we are left with Modi. Can, I, a minority in India dare say that we should vote for the saffron brigade? You know what? this time I say we do. We have tried being secular and seen where it got us. Lets go completely unsecular and paint this country saffron, if that's what it takes to get her into the 20th century (yes we need to get into the 20th before we can be in the 21st). Yeah they have the Yeddiruppas, Reddys and RSS. Who cares? Can it really get any worse if these people come back to power? Maybe he can be the real Arvind Kejriwal. Maybe he has the shrewdness to realize that he has to be in the system and hold power to really squash the termites that are eating our country hollow. If nothing else this will atleast make a great story. A man of humble beginnings taking over the reigns of this country. Atalji couldn't drive the BJP coalition with his poetry but maybe Modi can with a simple cup of tea.

Yes I honestly think its our chance of creating our own piece of history or resigning ourselves into the history books. Because if the next government does not save this country, I doubt that god herself would be able to.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's day

Feb01... The slow realization that Valentine's day is near
Feb02... Attempt to rekindle some conversations with persons of interest while trying desperately to make it look coincidental
Feb03... Conversations in full swing
Feb04... Soon realize that all person's of interest are not remotely interested in you and consider you an awesome friend
Feb05... Give up on all conversations and declare Valentine's is a farce
Feb06... Playing it cool
Feb07... Jump onto a random dating site to give it a go
Feb08... Meet a chick from the dating site and get shit scared by her mascara and delete your account
Feb09... Attempt to strike a conversation with a random stranger and get burnt
Feb10... Feeling the heat. Not really sure if you are gonna make it or not. Get that sinking feeling.
Feb11... Stop shaving to show that you're uber cool and not into this childish "Archies" event
Feb12... Finally admit to self that you are not having a date on Valentine's and download the latest seasons of how I met your mother
Feb13... React calmly as every second buffoon asks you for your plans for tomorrow
Feb14... Declare that you are happily single and/or celebrating your "freedom" 
Feb15... Wake up with a smile on your face and Thank god that Feb14 is fucking OVER

*Any similarity to anyone's first 2 weeks of Feb is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Its so difficult at times to share a simple thought... and for today I'd rather not.
I can try and I'd fail... 
But I'd fear your harsh words may tear it apart and that I allow cannot.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why blog?

I blog times to write my mind times to waste some time
..some days to vent my fury
..some days to be judge and jury
..some days to share my views
..some times to show I care
..some times to show off my wares make you envious of my travel spark some curiosity in your self find someone that agrees with me get your attention and your smile remind you that I exist remind you that I can speak remind myself that I have a voice times coz of a broken heart times to pretend I'm smart
..with hope that my words make a difference
..with a prayer that it at least makes some sense
..because it shows I'm free
.....because I still don't have a gun on me!

And yes I also can blog for a prize... see the mega haul landing page